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Vinyl Siding That Looks Like Wood Shingles – Madison Art Center Design

James Hardie offers durable fiber cement shingles. Their TrueTexture process transfers the grain of actual cedar boards to the shakes. Alside offers Pelican Bay One shingles in a hand-split look, among others.

Polymer, vinyl and fiber cement shakes and shingles need very little maintenance. Some of these synthetic products come with a lifetime, transferable warranty.

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This type of warranty provides real peace-of-mind, and it comes in handy should you ever decide to sell. Cedar siding comes in a variety of styles. Beveled boards and beaded panels are examples. Natural cedar is more costly than vinyl and other common siding types.

Shake Siding

However, with proper maintenance, it will last a very long time. Natural oils in the wood resist insects and wood rot. Still, those that skimp on maintenance may shorten the lifespan of cedar siding. When cedar is not re-sealed or re-stained from time to time, it can dry out. This can lead to cracking, splintering and even rotting. Moisture that gets behind damaged siding also accelerates deterioration. Natural cedar is one of the more environmentally-friendly siding materials. Although cedar trees do not grow as fast as pine trees, cedar does remain a renewable resource.

Cedar is a very workable building material valued by architects, builders and craftsmen alike. It is also impact-resistant. Many individuals appreciate the natural scent of cedar. Do you plan to sell your home one day? If so, what kind of siding do you think prospective buyers will value most of all? One day, the right siding selection could add thousands of dollars to a purchase offer. CRS is a full-service home improvement contractor. We offer siding installation, maintenance and repair services. Our design specialists can help you as you consider vinyl siding vs wood vs other options.

We also offer roofing services, window replacements, attic insulation upgrades, power washing and more. Please contact us today to arrange for a visit from a specialist who can help you work through the vinyl siding vs wood debate and more. Each panel used has a rounded groove or notch running along the bottom, creating a unique shadow line. As with the Dutch lap, the groove had to be hand-carved in the past. As a result, beaded siding took longer to make and cost more to produce. Traditional lap, Dutch lap and beaded siding can now be simulated with vinyl siding products, mimicking the natural appearance of wood.

These larger sheets are installed as a single piece instead of individual boards.

CertainTeed Cedar Impressions® Installation

This lowers the overall cost while providing a uniform appearance and maintaining the desired look. Many home or cabin owners desire the rustic look of the log cabin without the expense and maintenance required when building with real wood. This is provided through siding products that replicated the appearance, including grain treatments that mimic the look of authentic woods such as pine or cedar. While maintaining the look, siding provided several advantages over natural wood.

Artificial log cabin-style siding do not splinter. It also resists mold and insects. The vinyl panels hold their color better in direct sun and harsh weather than natural wood products.


Log style panels are usually thicker than standard vinyl siding, which increases their strength and durability. This siding style can be used in urban and suburban communities, but is also a popular option in more isolated or rural areas. Log siding offers the unique look of a natural log home without the higher costs associated with installing and maintaining wood. Originally used on farmhouses and barns, the use of vertical siding has now expanded to many styles of homes.

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It is still commonly installed on nonresidential structures, such as barns, tool sheds and office buildings. Compared to horizontal siding, installing vertical siding is more time consuming and does require additional prep work. Horizontal furring strips are used beneath the vertical siding during the installation process in order to create a smooth, level surface.

A batten is a long, flat piece of metal or wood that is used to secure something in place or fasten an object to a wall. Board-and-batten siding is an exterior treatment option in which the long vertical boards are attached to the home by battens that also cover the seams.

A favorite of architects, authentic shingle and shake siding can be used to create a unique accent or for the whole of a home exterior. Vinyl options offer the look, color and texture of shakes and shingles at a reduced cost. Often used on gables or historic homes, half-round shingle siding provides a distinctive charming look. The scalloped edges provide homeowners with flexibility to create the overall look they desire. The molded cedar texture and low-gloss finish mimics the appearance of authentic cedar shingles.

For homeowners who admire the look of cedar shingles, there are several factors to keep in mind when deciding between cedar or the vinyl equivalent. True cedar shingles may weather unevenly, and come with the potential high cost of maintenance or replacing damaged and missing pieces. As a result, many now opt for siding that is engineered to look like natural cedar shake surfaces. Featuring rough textured surfaces, the vinyl products give homeowners desired look without the challenges of uneven weathering and expensive maintenance.

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Shake siding systems are arranged vertically, making them stand out from other sidings. When opting for vinyl, homeowners can also choose from a wider range of color options. Shakes come in several forms. Straight edge shakes align horizontally along their bottom edge.