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Bioshock keypad codes - Google Документи

BioShock 2 puts players in the suit of Subject Delta, a hulking Big Daddy prototype who longs to reunite with his bonded Little Sister, a girl who happens to also be the daughter of Sofia Lamb, the woman now running Rapture, the underwater city somehow still as chaotic, leaky and menacingly well-populated 10 years after the events of the original BioShock. Along the way, you'll be aided by Lamb's opponents and Eleanor herself on your search for your lost little Lamb, growing stronger with all new genetic modifications in the form of offensive Plasmids and passive, ability-granting Tonics.

This time, you'll dual wield the power of Plasmids in your left hand, burning, electrocuting and freezing foes, with deadly new weapons for your right. Does BioShock 2 live up to the high expectations set by the original, Ken Levine directed adventure?

And can it possibly be Loved A Lesser Story, Better Told: BioShock 2's story does not have the same revelatory power or stunning, complete vision of the original. It is not as fresh or frightening, but it does tell a more consistent tale, one less reliant on twists and turns. It is reliant on other storytelling conventions from the original, with much of the story doled out through found audiotapes and bugs in your ear from Rapture rivals Sofia Lamb and Augustus Sinclair.

bioshock 2 dionysus park weapon upgrade stations

Many of BioShock 2's characters are more interesting than those of the original, telling the bits and pieces of Rapture post-Andrew Ryan in more digestible, more inventive ways. There's no late game devolution in storytelling in the sequel, but there are welcome surprises that are worth keeping oneself spoiler-free for. The Moral Hangover: The original BioShock didn't run with the impact of the player's moral choices—primarily whether to save the game's Little Sisters, returning them to normal, or harvest them for the extra ADAM that grants the player more power—as expertly as its sequel does.

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BioShock 2 not only provides a more interesting quantitative outcome to many of the player's decisions, well beyond the extra ADAM one can gain from a Little Sister rescue, it successfully makes the player question whether he's making the right decision. Without giving too much away, the player is given the option at certain points to spare characters who may rightfully deserve or even clearly express their wish to die, with the reward or punishment for each decision smartly ambiguous.

For players who have completed the first, the suspicion that your character may or may not be manipulated by the voices in your ear makes those decisions all the more conflicting. Personally, I wish I'd saved the game more often so that I could revisit my behavior. Upon eliminating a rival Big Daddy, players can choose to immediately harvest or adopt his ward. This is where it gets interesting.

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This brings a swarm of Splicers and makes use of brand new weapon traps—Trap Rivets, Mini-turrets and Trap Spears—for some of the most intense confrontations in the game. The process can become tedious after a while, but the pay off is worth it. Instead of suffering through more Pipe Mania, players' reflexes are tested with a rhythmic mini-game that requires precision timing.

Hacked security bots that follow you around and help you shoot down enemies will get damaged in the process.

BioShock - Weapon Upgrade Stations FAQ/guide

If you see a security bot start sputtering and spewing sparks and bits of flaming debris and basically looks like it's in a she's-gonna-blow mode, you can fix this by simply deactivating the security bot for a moment and then reactivating it. I learned this by accident when one of my security bots —which was really messed up— flew right in front of me when I was trying to open a cabinet. So the 'Use' key ended up deactivating the security bot instead of searching the cabinet. When I reactivated the security bot, it was all fixed up good as new.

BioShock 2 - All Weapon Upgrades

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