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Capital felonies include: murder; capital drug trafficking; armed kidnapping; and some felony crimes when there are death or sexual components to the felony charge. Florida criminal statutes are complex and are constantly changing.

If you are charged with a criminal offense, whether a felony or misdemeanor, you need to seek immediate legal counsel. Some crimes can be upgraded or downgraded according to aggravating factors, and in some cases, a felony charge may be reduced if it can be proven that there was no intent to commit a crime.

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Do not attempt to defend yourself. We are happy to meet or speak with you anytime. Our legal team is highly experienced, aggressive, and will fight for your rights! Driving Directions.

Pennsylvania Bulletin and Code

Home About Michelle R. Misdemeanor Offenses in Florida The following offenses are considered misdemeanors in Florida: Petit petty theft Battery Domestic violence Shoplifting Vandalism Disorderly conduct Giving alcohol to a minor Driving with a suspended license Driving under the influence DUI Possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana Misdemeanors are classified into First and Second Degree crimes.

Felonies in Florida Some common felonies in Florida include: assault, battery, carjacking, homicide, incest, kidnapping, robbery , sexual battery , stalking and grand theft. However, this could vary with regards to the circumstances of the case, previous convictions and the type of property stolen.

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Any kind of crime, no matter how serious, should be dealt with an experienced attorney by your side. Client was charged with three separate DUI cases calling for mandatory minimum imprisonment of 90 days on each case.


Client was advised to seek immediate intensive alcohol counseling. Client was sentenced to 1 year of house arrest after serving 3 days in the county prison.

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Client was charged with felony Delivery of drugs and illegal gun possession and was facing a mandatory year prison sentence in the State prison system. Client was sentenced to one year of house arrest. Client was charged with simple assault, domestic.

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After a hearing where evidence and testimony was presented, the entire case was dismissed by Judge Leonard Brown. Charges for young man charged with second degree aggravated assault were downgraded to third degree and he was accepted into the County Pretrial Intervention program with charges to be dismissed and record expunged after one year of misconduct free behavior.

We have decades of experience dealing with local police departments, prosecutors, and judges throughout southeastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Anyone facing charges involving a criminal offense can expect to experience a heightened degree of emotional turmoil, for themselves, as well as their family members. As former prosecutors, we have a balanced and in-depth understanding of the criminal justice system and how the prosecution prepares cases. These acts can take place between family or household members, sexual partners or those who share biological parenthood in order to qualify as domestic abuse.

Offense defined. A person commits a misdemeanor of the second degree if he recklessly engages in conduct which places or may place another person in danger of death or serious bodily injury.