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  1. Why some neighborhoods aren't on the sex offender registry
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Why some neighborhoods aren't on the sex offender registry

Barnett girl at center of Tippecanoe County child neglect case to speak for first time Thursday on Dr. Arconic employee airlifted after lithium spill. Multiple arrested in Lafayette drug bust at home with criminal past. Man dead, another airlifted in State Road 38 crash. To find out, use our interactive map below:. The Indiana Sheriffs' Association also maintains an interactive sex and violent offender registry, including a map tool which allows you to search within a 2-mile radius of your house for listed offenders. To search for offenders in your area, select your county from the map shown at the link above.

After accepting the terms and conditions, click the "Search for Offenders in Your Area" button in the top left-hand corner of the screen. Enter your address, city and ZIP code into the forms presented.

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The website will create a map of all registered sex and violent offenders within a radius of. Offenders are listed by name and with photo and offense information as available. In the "Offender Search" screen, you can also generate a list of all sex and violent offenders in your city. Simply click the "City" tab and enter the name of the city you would like to search.

Again, offenders are listed by name and with photo and offense information as available. She explained what Grant had done. Her boyfriend, angry and confused over what Abigail had just told him about his friend's behavior, stormed out. Alone in her room, Abigail tried to process what had just happened.

Had she been raped? Was this against the law? She texted two girlfriends to ask for advice. This feels wrong. Abigail was right to be confused. In this vacuum, sex induced through fraud, deception, or impersonation is thus often not illegal. This makes sexual assault laws something of a legal outlier.

Julie Olthoff, an Indiana state representative, compared the situation to someone posing as a buyer in order to convince a car owner to give them the keys, but then never bringing it back to the lot. But these laws will also force us to interrogate the nature of sex and may fundamentally reshape our very understanding of it. US jurisdictions where consent is not expressly defined in statute.

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When you have sex with someone, are you agreeing to sleep with just the physical entity before you? Or is it something bigger and more complex? Many people might think a man who deceives his sister-in-law into sex by pretending to be his identical twin should be prosecuted. But what of the man who deceives a woman by pretending to be some other fake, more successful — or even single — version of himself? And what of the legions of lies behind so many online dating profiles where people falsely advertise themselves using the scantest of information?

The law has struggled with rape by fraud cases for hundreds of years. Several more cases were documented , including one in , when an Irish woman named Judith Gorman fell asleep while her husband was out fishing. She awoke when Michael Dee came into her dark room and lay on top of her.

Bishop's statement from Sept. 16, 2018

At trial, the judges ruled that Dee must have known Gorman thought he was her husband based on what she had said as he came into the room. It was this knowledge that made the act rape. Such cases are not confined to the annals of history.

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In states where rape by fraud is expressly outlawed, such cases can have far different outcomes. In one of them, Tennessee , a man was found guilty of rape in after calling women while pretending to be their lovers and convincing them to strip naked, blindfold themselves, and await his arrival. He was sentenced to 15 years in prison and now lives in Nashville. Elsewhere, a Canadian court upheld the conviction of a man found guilty of sexual assault in after he had sex with a woman who thought he was his twin.

Like Abigail, the mother had been sleeping when she felt the touch of a man who she assumed was her partner. These rights can be violated by lies just as much as they can by force or threat. Sitting in her real estate office overlooking a sea of Manhattan skyscrapers, Joyce Short knows what it means to rebuild her life after a series of traumas. As a child, she was molested.

Search by Location

In college, she was sexually assaulted. And when she was in her early twenties, she was swept off her feet by a charming foreign-born man who told her he was single, Jewish, several years older than her, a successful NYU graduate, and even a Vietnam War vet. In reality, he was none of these things. Short, now 70, only began to learn the truth months into the relationship, after she became pregnant but was persuaded by him to have an abortion. She went to her medicine cabinet, grabbed a bottle of sleeping pills, and swallowed every tablet inside. Short is adamant that what her former partner did to her was as bad as the earlier sexual assaults she had endured — perhaps worse, because she became emotionally and psychologically trapped in the relationship.

For Short, Mad Men was not about a slick advertising executive reinventing himself, but about a man raping his wife by concealing his true identity. Don Draper was just like her ex: a charade. She runs a blog , emails lawmakers and prosecutors, and shares her story with journalists and the public. Not everyone is receptive. Comments on her blog can be skeptical or even malicious. Prosecutors ignore her. In early February of this year, Short was sitting at her computer when she got a new email for the Google News alert she had set for rape by fraud cases.

She clicked on the link. The story was about a fresh jury verdict out of Indiana. It made her blood boil. As she sat in her dorm room trying to recover from her shock, Abigail did the only thing she could think to do: She did a Google search to see if any women had ever experienced what she just had with Grant. They urged her to go to the hospital and promised to send over an advocate to assist her.