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For me adventure is when things don't go according to plan, when you are forced to improvise, problem solve, and be fluid. Sunrise or sunset? Smile or game face?

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What's your happy place? Submerged in the ocean or watching sunrise from a mountain top. Post-adventure meal of choice? Chicken fried rice and a beer at Mondo in Marblemount. If you could be a rock star at any outdoor activity overnight, what would it be? Backcountry skiing.

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Have you had a memorable experience with The Mountaineers you'd like to share, or know someone who should share their story? Helping people explore, conserve, learn about, and enjoy the lands and waters of the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Tax ID: Get outside with us! Learn More.

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Share this Page: Facebook Twitter Email. Meet Ida Vincent, a 5-year member and marine biologist, who is one of our most beloved volunteers and still remembers the sense of accomplishment she felt after her first successful glacier climb. Tags: Adventure Profiles , Membership. Add a comment Log in to add comments. Log in to your account Create an account or join.

Also In the Blog Searches in the title field in all collections for "bible record". Searches in the title field in the Confederate Pension Applications collection for smith or smyth or smythe. Punctuation marks like dashes, commas, and periods are searched the same as letters and number. For example, well-known will find different results than well known. In the Advanced Search area, you can search by date.

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Use the drop-down list to specify a date range, or to search after, before, or on a particular date. Entering a 4-digit year YYYY is required to perform a search. You can also search by month and day.

You can also search our collections using Google. Enter your search term into the Google search bar, followed by site:digital.

Google will show you items in the Digital Collections, and may also show you search results pages or collection pages from the Digital Collections. Google is especially good to use if you aren't sure if only know the approximate spelling or wording of your search term, because it can help correct spelling mistakes or predict near-correct search words.

Google is also good when you are searching for a term or phrase that you expect to appear in the full text of documents. Google shows snippets of text, which can give you a clue about where your search terms show up in documents. For example, imagine that you were looking for information about the creation of North Carolina's Administrative Office of the Courts. In the search below, for "hereby established" and "Administrative Office of the Courts" , you can see that the first result has information about the creation of the new state office.

After clicking on the document, you'll need to perform a full text search to find the page or issue that contains this text.

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You can look for all documents that contain specific words by entering your search terms in the simple search box or the advanced search box. By default, the search box searches across all fields, including full text. Once you have found the item you are interested in, you will next need to find where your term appears in the item.

There are four ways to do this:.

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This site, the North Carolina Digital Collections, has over 30 different collections. You can search across all of the collections, a few of the collections, or within just one collection. You can add or remove collections to your search in the Advanced Search area, or at the top left of the database where it says "Add or remove other collections to your search".

The North Carolina Digital Collections has over 30 different collections.

Obituary for Ida Mae Dunn-Adams, of Little Rock, AR

Several of these are especially likely to be helpful for genealogical research, including:. We also suggest performing searches across all collections. Although you are likely to turn up many non-relevant results, you may find what you are looking for in an unexpected place.

When you filter your results or use Advanced Search, you may notice that field names change, depending on whether you are searching within a single collection or within more than one collection. African Americans Genealogy, Slavery, History, etc. Bible records include lists of birth, marriage, and death information recorded throughout the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries. Indexes of marriage and death announcements compiled from five North Carolina newspapers dating to Indexes include names, dates, places.

Father vincent x daughter reader lemon

Published books on North Carolina families and family history, including copies of genealogical research donated to the State Library's Government and Heritage Library. Material from two collections: contemporary photographs of the Raleigh Hebrew Cemetery and the Hebrew section of Raleigh Historic Oakwood Cemetery, and the s Works Project Administration cemetery surveys.

Genealogy information contributed by researchers of all ages and skill levels, organized alphabetically by last name and transcribed by participants in the Genealogy Vertical File Transcription Project. Does your family Bible contain information about at least one person who lived in North Carolina and a date before ? If so, you may be eligible to donate copies of your family Bible and help us grow our family history collection.