I am looking a persons name


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I constantly receive mails directed to another person with my name. Can google look into this?

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Dear community. I receive emails from shops hotels doctors etc since 3 years that should go to a person with my identical name but in another country. The correspondance from send to and also repition of profile details in the invoices show exactly my mail address. I have tried to contact the senders to contact the one carrying my name in the other country but they refuse to hand out telephone details or others so i cannot follow up why this is happening. I dont want to receive personal Details any more and also i wonder if I am missing mails this guy gets to see?

Thanks for ANY advice and help.

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I sincerely hope Google can do a check on my address and root causes. The help article re this issue is not useful ffor this matter.

5 Best Tips for Finding People With Google

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Why Your Name Matters

What has probably happened is that someone has given your email address , either in error careless or deliberately, to these sites. A lot of sites never verify an email address poor security. Same as putting the wrong address on snail mail; dialling wrong number, knocking on the wrong door, etc. Nothing much you can do, except inform the mail sender if you wish, and mark as Spam. You can also filter these to be deleted on receipt. Original Poster. Philipp Bucher. First, I find it hard to believe that this other person is that often typing in the wrong mail address.

This happens once or twice, but not several times a year. Second regards the spam idea, I dont think so. This is boat harbour booking confirmations, resort hotels, answers regarding personal cleaning service, psychology profiles of their kids, ebay confirmations. Isn't there any chance to look into this from a technical root cause analysis, why it is happening? I constantly get emails thanking me for buying a car at a dealer in some hick state, reminding me when service is due, or signing up for WalMart, etc, and I don't even live in the US.

Nick Moser. I receive emails to my exact email address name gmail. What's weirder is that no one ever responds - cue Twilight Zone theme tune My only idea is that someone with a name almost identical to mine is out there, maybe I'll start by process of elimination, what a ball ache A meme by any other name would be as dank. She also notes sexism could be a factor. Young Beckys and Chads, conversely, may find this harder — as jokes about these two names often mock college-aged young people.

Chad Treichler, year-old from Oregon, says the association makes him like his name a little less. Sign up.


How to Tell Someone’s Age When All You Know Is Her Name | FiveThirtyEight

You are browsing in private mode. ShopFatMermaid, Twitter. Adding a person to a loop does not give them access to anything in the loop, it just simply allows you to have them in the loop for when you're ready to share documents to them, or introduce them to someone else in the loop. Let's first navigate down to the people section of your loop, which is located below the documents. We will now be presented with the Add person window.

Here we will want to fill in all the information we can, including the name as it needs to appear on the signature line , the email address, and the role. We also have the option to send an intro email, which will let them know that you have added them to a loop. When we select a role, we will be presented with more information to fill out for that specific role.

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  5. This information will help autofill documents where available! When adding in someone who may not fit the role of a typical signer, we might need to approach adding the person differently.

    The key thing to keep in mind is to add the name of the person as it should appear on the signature line. If the name that needs to appear on the document is different than the name they are signing with, this is okay! We can always manually type in the information on the document. This will allow your client to have a smooth time signing, as their signing name will already be set up for them.