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You can plan your journey online using the Adelaide Metro Journey Planner. On bus and tram timetables, the time the service is due at every stop is not displayed.

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Only a select number of stops and times are displayed. We recommend being at your stop when the service is due to be at the stop prior to yours which has a scheduled time listed on the timetable. You can also use real-time for services at your nearest-stops.

Unless otherwise indicated, if the stop does not list a time that means it does not stop at that location. There are other services which also have some variations to the route for example the M44 bus, it is recommended that customers check the timetable of the service before travelling.

Timetables are available on the Timetables and Maps page. A Go Zone is an area that offers public transport services every 15 minutes for more than one service between 7. Stops within Go Zones are indicated by red hoop signs. Surfboards are not allowed on board buses or trams. Surfboards are allowed on board trains if space permits. A separate concession ticket is required for a surfboard travelling on board a train. All accredited assistance animals accompanying a person with a disability are welcome to travel on all public transport.

People must not, without the permission of an authorised person, bring an animal on board a regular passenger service vehicle unless it is a working animal accompanying a person with a disability. Prams and pushers are allowed on board. They must be folded down and stored in the identified areas. For more information on travelling safely on public transport with a pram or pusher, visit the Safety and Behaviour page.

Personal shopping trolleys are permitted on board. Supermarket trolleys are not permitted on board. Yes, this is to assist with on time running and to ensure that the driver is aware you require their service. An expiation may apply. Priority seating and designated areas must be kept free for people with disabilities, assistance dogs, seniors, pregnant women or adults with strollers. MetroTickets can be purchased from the driver on board any bus using the correct change or small notes.

Anyone aged five years and older will need to pay a fare. On weekends, School Holidays and Public Holidays, two children under fifteen can travel for free when an adult accompanying them has purchased an adult Daytrip MetroTicket. See eligible concession cards for more information. A Health Care card is also not considered a valid concession. However, you may be eligible for a Transport Concession Card. Different fares are charged for different journey lengths, as well as for concession holders and children. For information, contact SouthLink. If there is no credit available on the metroCARD , seniors will be charged at the concession metroticket price and can purchase tickets on board any bus, train or tram.

Your ticket option depends on how often you will be travelling and any accepted Concession Cards accepted by Adelaide Metro that you hold. Single MetroTicket — Lasts for two hours and can be used to travel as many times as required in that time. Daytrip — Lasts until 4. Visitor Pass — Lasts 3 days after the first validation and can be used to travel on as many occasions as required during that time. It comes on a metroCARD which can then be recharged after the 3 days are completed.

There is no refund for any unused balance.

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Services running before 4am on a Sunday are considered Saturday scheduled services and will be charged peak fare. Services running before 4am on Monday are considered Sunday scheduled services and will be charged interpeak fare. MetroTickets are paper tickets for either single trips or day trips on Adelaide Metro buses, trains and trams. Concession fares are for commuters this includes full time tertiary students who hold one of the cards listed on the approved Concession cards page. A Daytrip is valid from the first validation until 4. A MetroTicket or metroCARD fare is valid for two hours from the first validation and you can use it on bus, tram or train as many times in those two hours.

It is helpful to provide as much information as possible e. It should only be removed when the metroCARD has had the balance added to it and displays the new balance on screen and asks you to validate. If the transaction has been cancelled and a payment has been taken, then the payment should be reversed within business days.

If not, contact your bank directly with the details of the transaction who will be able to assist you. If you would like us to transfer funds onto a metroCARD you already have, please ensure you bring this into the InfoCentre at the time of transfer. To find your nearest recharge location visit the Where to buy page. The validator will also display the fare deducted and the balance on your metroCARD on the screen as you validate your card. If the metroCARD is low on balance a green light will flash to indicate that the balance on the card is low.

If your metroCARD was not registered your balance is not protected and will be forfeited. It will be unusable. The Registered Account Holder will need to be available to pass an identity check before the metroCARD s can be cancelled and the balance transferred. If you have Auto recharge, it will need to be fully deactivated before we can remove a metroCARD from an account.

Some of these functions are only available for registered metroCARD s. Registering your metroCARD means if it is lost or stolen we are able to cancel it, your balance is protected and can be transferred to a new metroCARD. The metroCARD must be registered in the name of the managing account holder e.

The Registered Account Holder will be required to pass an identity check before information or certain action s can be performed on the account. You will need to wait 24 hours before you can register your metroCARD online after purchasing. You can update your details via your online metroCARD account, except for the name on the account. The Registered Account Holder will need to be available to pass an identity check before these details can be changed.

The account must be registered in the name of the person managing the account e. If your metroCARD is physically damaged or misused, it will need to be replaced. Unless it is a product fault, balance transfers are only available for registered metroCARD s and the Registered Account Holder will need to be available to pass an identity check before the balance can be transferred. Check that you have enough balance on your metroCARD for the appropriate fare to be deducted. The metroCARD will need to be registered to have the balance transferred.

Experts in quality staff recruitment in Adelaide, specialists in

If this occurs, you will need to replace your metroCARD. If your metroCARD fails to validate, you will be required to purchase a ticket on board. To ensure we process transactions in a timely manner, recharges purchased via your metroCARD online account or the InfoLine which have not been validated in 3 months will expire.

If this occurs contact Adelaide Metro with proof of purchase and the recharge can be recharge re-applied. Other this period, Auto recharge will be disabled.

Find a licence holder

Your personal details will be stored in the central system and linked only to the serial number of your metroCARD. Your metroCARD itself does not store any personal information. The Registered Account Holder will need to be available to pass an identity check before the balance can be transferred. Once the free period has finished, even if the metroCARD was validated before it ended, the metroCARD cannot be used to transfer to another service and will charge the appropriate fare.

Contact the Seniors Card Unit free call or email seniorscard sa.

Register of gaming machine entitlements

For further information related to the seniors card, contact the Seniors Card Unit via free call or seniorscard sa. Visit the Seniors Card page.

Simply visit the following locations and show your interstate Seniors Card and you will be issued with a temporary MetroTicket which will be valid for a maximum of 14 days. Customers are asked to check that if they require the metroCARD online account that they are not trying to use My Metro.

The Registered Account Holder may need to be available to pass an identity check before we can assist. When you recharge your metroCARD online or over the phone, the amount to be credited is updated by the central system overnight. If your recharge before 9pm the recharge will generally be available on your metroCARD the next morning when you validate. If you recharge after 9pm it may take an additional 24 hours for it to be available when you validate.

It may take 24 to 48 hours for the account to be updated. The Registered Account Holder will need to be available to pass an identity check before any details can be changed. You can also update your credit card details via these methods. We require an Auto recharge to be purchased to verify the credit card and the amount of the Auto recharge set up will be added to the metroCARD as a recharge.

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You will be required to purchase a new Auto recharge if you wish to change your credit card details so we can verify the credit card being used. This will be added to your metroCARD as a recharge also. Auto recharge can only be set up or updated with a Visa or Mastercard. The metroCARD must be registered in the name of the person managing the account and when using Auto recharge the email address and phone number must be those of the credit card holder.

Please allow 24 hours after you have validated for the deactivation to show on your metroCARD online account. If your payment is declined, you will be contacted. The usual method of contact is to the email listed on your account. You will be required to pay the outstanding amount by a due date and if not paid, the Auto recharge will be cancelled first and then the metroCARD.