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Wait for the person who asks about your day because they genuinely care about it. Wait for the person who would rather stay awake all night than see you go to bed without a smile on your face. Please, whatever you do, wait for the person who always makes you smile, even when it seems impossible. It may seem like this person is hard to find, but they are infinitely worth waiting for.

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  • 1. They Read on a Daily Basis.
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By subscribing, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Statement. Tom Pumford We live in a time where flings and fleeting moments are frequent, but relationships and strong feelings are hard to come by. This is also true for others.

Bad English - When I See You Smile (Official Video)

Someone holds the door for you? The barista at the coffee shop you frequent buys your coffee on a Friday? Frick yeah! Waitress fills your water glass without you having to ask for it? Well, you get it by now. This can be a text message convo, a phone convo, or a late night trip to Baskin Robbins after a bad breakup or a job firing. Be there and light up their world. I intentionally saved this one for last for two reasons: 1.

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  8. Actually, I want to challenge all of you. Again, sincerity, not creepiness, is the key here. Positivity is a lot like a stone being dropped in a calm lake. Once you drop it in via a simple action , it will send ripples of kindness and happiness in every direction. Featured photo credit: Young happy hipster woman looks through binoculars via shutterstock.

    Life long learning is how you improve as a person, bit by bit and day by day. Life long learners recognize the importance and joy of growth so they never settle for what they currently know and always seek for improvement.

    40 Best Cute Quotes To Make Someone Smile And Brighten Someone's Day | YourTango

    Here are 12 habits of people who value lifelong learning have in common — see how many of them you recognize in yourself. Reading is a great way to open up new horizons, train your brain and revolutionize your life. Through reading, you can connect with successful people and learn from the lessons they share. Life long learners love to get lost in books and do it regularly.

    Bill Gates knows that reading matters a lot; on his personal blog, he reviews plenty of game-changing books.

    40 Cute Quotes To Share When You Want To Make Someone Smile

    These are great opportunities to connect with clever and like-minded people and learn from them. Because of the advanced technology, you can now gain knowledge from online programs, starting from coding through self-improvement to programs from top universities. There are literally endless ways to thrive. What life long learners have in common is squeezing as much as possible out of these opportunities. Instead of spending your free time laying on the couch and watching TV, you prefer doing something creative and practical.


    You know every wasted minute is gone forever. Life long learners stay up-to-date with growth opportunities in their areas and participate in them frequently. A clever mind combined with a body in a great condition is the best asset you can have. Our bodies were designed to run, walk, jump, swim, lift and much more. Leading a sedentary lifestyle harms both your physical and mental sphere.

    Life long learners know the body is your temple. In order to make it flourish for as long as possible, they train regularly, move a lot and eat healthy. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. The point of the process is that to be badass, you have to become consciously aware of who is showing up in your life.

    50 Sweet Best Friend Quotes to Make You Smile

    Hanging around drug takers rubs off on you; spending time with those who escape life with alcohol has an effect on you; going to the football with Debbie Downers robs you of your peace. The words spoken by the people in your life shape the thoughts of your mind. Edit people and do so unapologetically to be badass. Badass people go out there and do stuff. They are not sitting at home watching endless Netflix TV shows and listening to Drake.

    Your couch will not help you achieve the goals in your life that you have dreamt about since you were a little kid. Your couch is a prison for your mind, a limiter of your creativity, a waster of your time and a comfortable place that will destroy your dreams. Replace the couch with your office chair, or the gym, or the stage, or a stadium. Be badass and get off the couch. Well, we can. The experiences are available in the biographies of those you look up to.

    You Make Me Smile Quotes

    Read the biographies of your heroes and then copy and paste some of the steps they took. They copy and paste life experiences from the lives of their heroes. We all have that one health challenge that has been bothering us for years. Mine was mental illness and then brain fog. Both were a huge pain-in-the-ass to overcome and took many, many experiments before I found strategies that worked.

    Maybe yours is weight, or your energy levels, or your sore back. Health challenges can be solved, but you have to invest the time and be willing to experiment. The pain and hurt we get from exercise is just the beginning. Your pain threshold is much higher than you realize and when you tap into it, you find a whole other level to your mindset. You might be able to feel pain from exercise but how long can you endure it for? I was running 1Km and thinking it was a huge achievement. Badass people take the pain from their workout and use it to go even further because they know pain is the beginning, not the end.