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Featured Seattle, WA Probation Violation Law Firm

At the same time, the person could also be facing a violation of their probation before they are even convicted on the new case. In general, when a person is on probation and they get arrested for an alleged DUI during the course of their probation, they face the possibility of penalties for the DUI and penalties for violating their probation.

As a result, a judge might be inclined to impose more serious consequences on a person who is arrested for DUI while on probation for another DUI, as opposed to a person who picks up a DUI while on probation for an assault, for example.

Conditions of probation depend on a number of factors, including criminal history, personal history, and the specific facts of their case. In a DUI case, the typical conditions of probation consist of an alcohol program, a traffic safety program, and a victim impact panel. A victim impact panel is a one hour panel discussion that is usually offered by Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

An affidavit may or may not require notarization.

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Probation Violation

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Seattle Probation Violation Hearing Lawyer

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Washington DUI Laws, Fines and Penalties | wyjalyri.tk

What is the likely outcome for my case? Refusing to take a Breath Test;. Each violation is 30 days. Some Courts will allow your time to be served as EHD electronic home detention. Unfortunately, alot of people fail to realize the seriousness of these conditions after sentencing is over.

Probation Violation Lawyers in Seattle

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