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Gary Eugene Davis band J. He also worked at sever- lene Hubbell of Fresno; and the e-guestbook, please go to da, and Order of the Eastern Star Expressions of sympathy al factories as machine operator, grandsons Austin Hubbell, and www. Chapter 76, Towanda. He was a may be sent to the family at and was a custodian at Watson- former member of Irem Temple www. James E. Coyle He was a member of New Mrs. Rita Green Life Church, Pennsdale. Gary James E. Rita Green, age , January 30th, from the P. He was a talented painter, 24, at Holy Spirit Hospital.

Richard Rojas, her pastor, he was a shy, but caring person. McKernan ry William and Gertrude Frances presided. Interment was in St. A loving son, brother, and uncle, Coyle. Tourscher Muller. Bonci member of the class of January 29, at the P. Dean Gary Eugene Davis, 47, of housing with his nieces. He was T. Green, formerly of Maine, p. January 27, at Muncy Val- many.

Surviving in addition to his chael J. Coyle and wife Becky livan County. Davis of Muncy, R. Fowler Davis and Denise R. Davis of Muncy; and of Highspire, George E. Coyle 71st wedding anniversary before Dushore, PA; sister, Marie and Warren and wife Janette of Fort Worth, his death on April 9, TX, and James W. Coyle of Me- Rita was a member of St.

Davis; and maternal grandchildren, Adriene Slacktish Book Club and the Dushore several nieces and nephews. She was very in- She was predeceased by a with periodicals postage paid at grandparents, Willard A. Telephone Lila A. Shoemaker, publisher. Katharine J. Muller on August versary of SS. Home, Hughesville, PA. Gate of Heaven Cemetery. Richard M. Muller on Sep- SS. Box , Dushore, www. MalpezziFuneral- Richard D. The History Fair PA PA; daughter-in-law, Gretchen June 1, The th Anniversary Com- When the new section of the mittee is looking for items from Funeral Home was finished in private collections to display July, we liked it so much that we Finan Monuments that day.

We hope you will like Thomas R. Finan, Sr. Photos, Tours are available upon request….. Items already loaned for display are a Saint Agnes High School baseball uniform, a First Holy Communion certificate from , and the ceremonial tower and ritual book used by the Ancient Order of Hibernians. With items that relate to SS. Far from ordinary Close to you. Box , Dushore, PA or com. Please also include your telephone number, which we will www. Letters must not exceed A. Kay Welles Homer, Licensed Director words. All letters are subject to J. Unpublished letters can neither be acknowledged Austen A.

McGee, Licensed Director nor returned. As I have Michele, was born to Shawn installment of a monthly column, watched social media and the and Karen Knouff Abernethy, written as a collaboration regular media these past months of Conshohocken, PA, Jan. Ministerium pastors. I have Bruce Waldt, of Dushore, Jan.

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Pastor Bill Hargenrader of read and witnessed hatred, name Now list. On February way they want to believe. But to Thomas B. Shultz, of Laporte, 14 we will have a special day I treat people with disrespect be- and Dale L. Strange, of Forks- hope it is not the only day when cause of their beliefs and opin- ville, were named to Williams- we let those special people in our ions is not what we are about. Beinlich, them. Her- As I think about that I reflect which is the great command- bert L. King, Sr. William A. The AJ Bird Post , brothers and sisters and parents first commandment.

Herman for a bronze plaque to be mount- a pack of Valentine cards, sign two commandments depend all ed on the Veterans Monument grown in leaps and bounds. Jacoby was elected vice-pres- located in the Borough Park. In this way Wow! The first great com- to the collection for the Cherry Catholics assisted in erecting and Hilda Josat stayed on as ment of Agriculture stated that we demonstrated our love for mand is to love the Lord God, Twp. These are names that rabies vaccinations given to dogs our classmates. The Yonkin, Thall, Lit- reappear throughout the histo- and cats by their owners will not As I reflect on that I realize is love your neighbor as your- location.

The additional records zelswope and Graifley families ry of the church through three be valid under a new state law. From what I have witnessed are those of births and baptism were leaders in the building pro- generations. Red, yellow, black, in these last months we do not in German from the s, En- gram. It did not matter! The church is Tioga Turnpike from Berwick to ously written article it but lost to Towanda The frame building that we a program to have the church Births: A daughter, Angela Laporte. Jack in but the plaque on the outside of of Historic Places. Apparently Candace Woodhead Rexer, of about this country church and its it depicts that initial log structure this application was, at that time, Dushore, Feb.

Various turned down. Gingery ciples of Christ , Canton, will will be heightened by making excerpts from. Make reservations early original plot of land where the elected to have members attend and maintain the church and the training. Joseph W. Chek, of Du- The trip includes lunch at to reserve the seat location you present church stands was do- Wilmot, Dushore, Ricketts, Lo- final resting place of many of shore, has enlisted in the Penn- noon at Shady Maple which desire. Dennis Thall. The balance must of land, strict measure, consid- Dushore church. After lunch the bus will con- be paid in full by February Recorded at or other contents of your muse- In the Service: Pfc.

Anne special effects, action and live office at Leave For more information on this Sullivan County Courthouse um, please feel free to contact Janice Stabryla completed boot animals. Carolina; last June Cpl. John S. Telech, Jr. James L. Ivan C. Marshall, of New nails? Joyce A. Ross to Joyce A. Smith, 5. Myers, Paul J. Solomon to John thorizing Acquisition of Right retirement income?

Colonna Estate James W. Stauffer to Juliet B. Fanella and Aman- portation, deed of easement in da L. Fanella to Grant E. Hallie A. Shuler, D. Saturday, January I talents.

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The Dushore assistance to fill out state forms annual event. Senate Committee Approves Yaw the complexities of government carrier for the U. Post Office in Dushore on Thursday morning, January 26, in a surprise To help veterans navigate celebration organized by his co-workers. In 10 a. The staff of the office made the day even more special by Legislative Session addition, the legislation requires Feb. Two bills protecting natural that proceeds from production of Mr. Falls can help veterans Pictured at the office are, from left to right, Alan Shemel, Diane Altland, Tom gas leaseholders across the state oil and gas shall be paid within and their family members with McDonald, Tammy Daniels, Gary Tubach and Jody Brumwell.

Absent from photo are were unanimously approved Jan. Veterans do Yaw R These tools come now move to the full Senate for Grouse Society will hold its with no additional costs or neg- consideration. A social hour will begin at 6 p. The evening will feature live and silent auctions, raffles, drawings, a selection of firearms, artwork and collectibles, and two guest speakers. Justin Potuck of Laporte was one of several seniors at Lycoming College in Williamsport Individual membership and who experienced student teaching in a classroom and participated in a mock interview dinner tickets for the fund-raiser activity during the fall semester, in preparation for graduation and his career.

Photo courtesy of Marlene Cauley. Seven members weighed in Plumbing Dr. Electrical Veterinarian semester was then capped off by There were three turtles. Teach- runner up was Sheila. Each to try a new recipe.


We Shoe Repair Call for an appointment valuable advice that will help will have a small door prize for them prepare for interviews after someone this year. Warrior Run School District and meeting time. Lycoming College. Stop by and sit in to see support of our program every what TOPS is all about. Carmel, PA. Before his passing, Lower gave On the membership ballot, the wrench to Wilcox. Saxe, Tyler R. Thomas and Jody L. Queen Kiara Connor and a deli- Rogers, Jr. Wilcox Secretary Jody Lambert also introduced special guests presented the minutes from the who attended the luncheon, in- annual meeting, allowing cluding PA State Rep.

Tina Pick- the members to see how much ett, county commissioners Wylie the Agricultural Society accom- Norton and Brian Hoffman, Me- plished over the last year as they gan Kiner of the Sullivan Review, reviewed a list of projects com- Fair Ambassadors Sid and Janet pleted in Pickett and the com- electric and new boards on the missioners each spoke briefly, concession stand building, instal- discussing their recent work in lation of a first-aid station in the local government and its effects security building, leveling of the on the Sullivan County Fair. Noah office floor, and fresh paint for Phillips also took to the podium, each of these buildings as well leading a trivia game with prizes as for the 4-H Building.

Also, a awarded to guests who correctly water buggy was created and the answered dairy-related questions. Boy Scouts made a sign for the The afternoon meeting con- Hart Building to recognize con- cluded on an entertaining note tributors to the fair. Tina Pickett County Fair were made possible Jim Chase bid off mystery items through the assistance of donors hidden in paper bags as a fund- made several remarks at About half of the members of the Sullivan County Agricultural Society attended the including the county commis- raiser for the Agricultural Society.

Make your life easier, let us prepare your taxes for you. Box , Dushore, PA Ph. Many sizes are available, and most are available in color even if they appeared in black and white! Miller over Colton Mikel Houseknecht Jan. Gardner over James only one loss on the season. Mill- Jan. Ashley over Jacoby between the two teams in Mill- for the postseason faced off as Fitzgerald, fall ville, Sullivan had won Sullivan traveled to take on the C. Bolon over Ian McE- three straight and seemed to be Redskins. Sullivan jumped out wan, fall gaining momentum. But HS 15 Millville scored off the tip then the offense got cold and Ian McEwan, forfeit and the offensive—minded first Sayre battled back.

Both teams Dakota Pedro, forfeit quarter began. The two teams scored just 17 points in the first C. Then Brown, dec. Sayre outscored the Griffins Double forfeit Jared Houck, forfeit Aggressive offense and stingy in the third quarter and C. Padgett over David defense helped the Griffins build seemed in control with an eight- a halftime lead.

Griffin point lead. The Griffins showed Maxwell, fall fans were liking what they saw, their heart and grit in the fourth Jeremy Houck over S. Aumick, forfeit livan to only seven points. Jon gotten some great experience in Double forfeit over J. Miller, dec. Tammellin, fall basket of overtime on a jumper Pedro tied the game, and then, a short time, with nine matchups Jan. Jones over James Jacoby Fitzgerald, for- from the free throw line, but the play of the game: the Grif- in the past two weeks.

The Griffins exactly what they wanted. Rhone over Caleb Z. Sharp over Dustin James McCamley over overtime period and played tough and converted an old-fashioned in preparation for sectionals on Fitzgerald, fall Birdwell, fall J. Waltz, dec. Wagner over Colton T. Woodward over Jacoby Fitzgerald over win over Millville. Griffith over Dakota Sullivan.

Taylor Baldwin scored for a win. Babcock over James C. Quick over Dakota Pedro, dec.

Jon and Jordan Pedro points and four steals. Jon Pedro at the Panther Duals. Next up are M. Stuart over Jacoby Double forfeit Downs, fall each had eight rebounds, while had another double-double with South Williamsport on Feb. Alex at Sayre on Feb. Baumunk scored nine points and against North Penn on Feb 9. Ewan, fall Jared Houck, forfeit Henriquez, dec. Taylor The junior high boys have L. Acornley over Dako- Z. Stewart over David David Maxwell, forfeit to the Quakers. Noah Brown and Baldwin had three points.

Jordan an additional tournament at ta Pedro, fall Maxwell, fall B. Conroy over Jeremy Will Kiner each had eight points. Pedro added five rebounds for the Shamokin on Feb. Meikrantz, fall A. Michael, forfeit B. Cheek, forfeit Double forfeit Montgomery on Saturday and 30 decision. Graham over Caleb Caleb Fitzgerald over dominated in a win.

The van with 11 points. Shearer, TF Griffins led after a quarter The Sullivan boys have now classes among area wrestlers. Womelsdorf, forfeit J. Davis over Colton Colton Ammerman over and never looked back in their won six straight games. The team Jan. Troy V. Baker, forfeit Ammerman, TF T. Eubanks, dec. Flaitz over Mikel Mikel Houseknecht fins had career highs as the team and faces a tough test as unde- J.

Turner Troy , win by Jan. Mosser, fall scored more points than any team feated St. Sullivan will B. Hann, dec. Jordan Pedro also had five Feb. The team has six home over A. Watkins, fall Z.

Hamilton over Dako- over L. Wood over James Jeremy Houck over R. Alex Baumunk en games. The Troy game origi- E. McCamley, fall Gregory, fall had ten points. Will Kiner and nally scheduled for Jan. Come T. Foster over David George, fall Fitzgerald, fall also had 12 assists and eight re- on this team as they continue Dakota Pedro over E.

Maxwell, fall A. Comer over Dakota Colton Ammerman over bounds. Hester, fall points for the victorious Griffins. Good luck! Windnagle, forfeit Lawrow, fall over C. Rohan Jr. Zimmerman, forfeit Caleb Fitzgerald over E. Scheesley, forfeit B. Howe, dec. Chamberlain, foreit M. Fabrizio, forfeit C. Aukema over Ian C. Cook, fall Dakota Pedro over M. Bolivar-Richburg HS 43, our service area Feb. John Neumann, 6 p. JH 10 a. Burdick, fall Theatre Holding Feb. Sayre, 7 p. Burdick, dec. Clemens, forfeit Auditions for the Missoula Feb. Houck, dec. North Penn.

Stockett, fall Keystone Theatre in Towanda. Davis over Caleb sored by Dandy Mini Marts.

Wilkes-Barre Times Leader 4-1

Approximately local students will be cast Laminate Flooring to appear in the show. Students wishing to audition Starti ng at 1. In the late s and early s, Dushore was a main stop on the Berwick Turnpike, with hotels and shops lining Main The performances will be Street. All buildings burned in Makes a great good for either performance. Agnes School Celebrates For Feb.

Montgomery Sullivan Both competition for the days in February and March. Week, which began on Sun- and an ice cream sundae and the year against Montgomery, teams had seven points in the winter sports season. Mid-Penn Five scoring 24 points to the Lady fourth, bringing the final score to compete in wrestling. Muncy December 12 and January 11, through Saturday, February 4. Monday, March 20, , the the characteristics of St. Agnes, and can be contacted through The following results include The girls scored over 20 in Sarah was also in double dig- first day of spring.

Bethany added Peter dren from pre-K through sixth four fouls committed. All-day kindergar- 9-for from the foul line, and seven rebounds. Not only do teens heating fuel for needy families Bradford school districts. There will also be She also had seven rebounds and sides. Sullivan won , led On February 1st navigate romantic relationships, two blocks. She more games in the next week: at administered to all juniors at take a turn for the worse.

Teen Dating Violence is a se- three steals. Sayre on Feb. Test results will be used to ence dating violence that may be assists and four steals; Ashley this Friday and Saturday. The enhance individual career explo- physical, sexual, or emotional.

Charlotte sun herald ( 04-19-2018 )

As an adult, one of the most steals. Bethany Weinhardt had played at 8 p. Professionals, parents, rebounds, and Alexis Randall is currently set for 7 p. Tiffany Rupert contrib- at the top of District 4 Class A the local communities must uted a rebound and an assist. Channy had eight as well, with two wins over sec- Start talking to your kids and Savannah Baldwin two.

In the and 8. Out of five students, and drew the fouls, scoring five violence, in our community. Also competing were Chiara charity stripe. The clay target league is a safe, affordable, Safest high school sport and fun activity for your high school!

Pennsylvania Bulletin

At top right: Ashley Faus trades three importance, are safety, fun and marksmanship. Sportsmanship required defenders for two points. Parents are encouraged to The spring league culminates with the State Tournament get involved where all parti cipants are invited to compete. This tournament provides the opportunity for every parti cipant to experience No benchwarmers - everyone a State Tournament atmosphere. Fair competition Take a shot at paclaytarget. Full-time, salaried The monthly meeting of the vious experience as an Assistant position.

The need to submit a letter of intent. The will fill in for the Athletic Direc- mit a cover letter, resume, and public is invited to attend. Full-time, sal- two letters of recommendation Curbside recycling cleaned aried position. Newspaper and under the direction of Patrick La- Applicants must have graduated with any questions The book to read for Eagles from high school and be familiar regarding tennis positions. Carnival Commissioner—to Please note that any offer of The community extends its work under the supervision of the employment shall be conditional condolences to Bob Nealon and EMAA board member coordinat- upon satisfactory background family.

Born in Kingston, PA, throughout the summer season. Birthdays coming up His career involved working board member to produce our John Hayes, Keri Little, Jeanne in research and development with biweekly newsletter. Ideal appli- Rainey, Alyssa Rickels, Feb. Government Agency of college, have similar writing 11; Martin Green, Emily Walk- of Defense Logistics as well as experience, be able to begin work up, Feb.

Laboratories and The Village by mid-August. He enjoyed music, golf, Manager—to work under the Spahr, Feb. Connie Hatch Feb.