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Candler, et al. Bruce Anderson v. Jermaine Reaves v. Wurster Construction Co. Essex Ins. Lisa A. Leever v. Doug R. Steven Herron v. Dawn Elizabeth McDowell v. West Bend Mutual Insurance Co. Michael Smith v. David Gardner v. David Atkins v. Western Consolidated Technologies, Inc. RMJ Svcs. Troy R. Ashley v. Michael Miller v. Guillermo Samaniego-Hernandez v. The Indiana Dept. Jason Roar v.

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Stuart M. McAlkich v. Patrick McGuffin v. Jose Cuevas, Jr. Anthony D. Dowdy v. Gary Payton v. Marcus Chest v.

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Brandon B. Wilkerson v. William Waggle v. The Marriage of G. Flat Rock Tap, Inc. Repay v. Mererdo Villarreal NFP. Nathaniel M. White v. Billie D. Back v. Christopher Weaver v. Timothy Jackson v. Leslie Bridgeman v. Darren S. Sargent v. Robert M.

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Trent, Jr. National City Bank of Indiana. Cameron Pruett v. Donald Peters v. State of Indiana v. Anthony Jones. Bradley J. Love v. Robert Rehfus, et al. Lucille D.

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Vance v. Marcus Booker v. Theodore Briscoe v. Jay H. Wright v. Dorothy Sinclair v. Jayne Adelsperger, D. Donyall Earl White v. Review Board of the Indiana Dept. Kevin Kirk v. Gerardo Bensez v. James Kirk v. Larry E. Kuhn v. Roberto Arreola v. Lynn E. Snyder v. Julie G. Martin NFP. Alvin Christmas v. James E. Dixon, Sr. Dountonia S. Dixon NFP. Becky D. Kelly v. Cheryl Weird v. Eric Emberton NFP. Bill McCausland v. Walter USA, Inc. William R. Dobslaw v. Burkhart Advertising, Inc. Michael A. Currie v.

Estate of Albrecht; Cory J. Albrecht v. Joan M. Bendel NFP. Santos Reyes v. Eric Wade Laster v. Luis Villar-Felipe v. Fred E. Gordon v. Richard Brown v. Joshua G. Arthur v. Eric Taylor v. Bobby D. Denise and Richard Smith v. Marbel Figueroa-Perez v. Anthony Barnett v. Mary K. Tipton v. James R. Bennett v. Shanica Denton v. Darnell Perry v. Gaylon C. Washington, Jr. Indiana Dept. The City of Indianapolis, et al v. Christine Armour, et al. Brian Johnson v. Donald Corneal Watson v. David Jayakar, M. Kirk A. Gregg W. Curtis Outlaw v.

Juan Flagg v. Fifth Third Bank v. Kohl's Indiana, L. Trevor T. Nunn v.

Alisha Vanderlinden v. Russell Lakin v. Estate of Robert C. Lakin and CL Corp. Aaron Michael Rohr v. Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance Co. Joe Ault and Edie L. Ault, et al. Michael Greer and John Maggi v. Edwin Buss, et al. Review Board, and A. Dakevee Wiggins v. Terry Lynem v. Steven Edward Lewis v. Saul I. Ruman, et al. Denise Benjamin NFP. Larry L. Toops, Sr. Bryan D. Cowan v. Randy Tony v. Elkhart County.

Jonathan L. Reiner v.

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Emmanuel Dwayne Branch v. Chester Radford v. Jeremiah Jones v. City of Fort Wayne. Crystal Sanquenetti v. Carol K. Fred v. Maurice M. Fred NFP. Boonville Convalescent Center, Inc. Cloverleaf Healthcare Svcs. Scott D. Mosher v. Cornelius Enoch v. Aaron B. Cherry v. Michael Hummel v. Anthony W. French v. Vincent Boyd v. Jimmy Saxon v.

Norma and Roland Wardlow v. A-1 Striping Svcs. Indiana Farmers Mutual Ins. North Vernon Drop Forge, et al. Matthew Richardson v. Craig Cooper. Eugene Graves v. Diversified Blasthole Drilling, Inc. Frederick Pfenninger NFP. Gene Isaacs, Sheriff of Cass Co. Patricia A. Grigsby v. Charles E.

City of South Bend v. Charles Dollahan. John A. McKenzie v. Mario Martinez v. Daniel Kribs v. Jeffery A. Joos v. Gerald and Sandra Ayers, et al. Brown Co. Board of Commissioners, et al. Ronne S. Zentz NFP. Kenneth D. Fisher v. Ketih Cortez Jenkins v. Jason Eads v. Floyd S. Burnworth v.

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Donald P. Stanley B. Fryman v. Paul Hess v. In the Matter of T. Ricky A. Burge v. Robert Warner v. Anthony Bush v. Vickie Teter Maxey v. Barry W. Teter NFP. Rudolph Perry v. Warren Johnson v. Estate of Timothy Brazill; Biran Zaiger, et al. Gregory A. Rowe v. Andrew Cate v. Donald Riggs v.

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Beverly D. Riggs NFP. Damon Willis v. Joshua Gasper v. John C. Foradori v. Damon Frazier v. Elizabeth Baumgardner v. Jerry Hambaugh, et al. Taylor v. Isaiah Kendrick v. Donald Mudica v. Herbert Schmidt v. James M. Shell v. Maurice A. Bradford v. Samuel Fancher v. Stephanie Reeder v. John Reeder. Robert Niles v. Jeff Howell v. Michael Annis v. Damian Bailey v. Rivers Edge Homeowners Assn. John M. Callis, et al NFP. Radmila Lazarevic v. David L. Perkins, Jr. Review Board. Javier Abrajan v. Douglas A. Marshall v. Joni L.

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Lovell v. Jeffery D. Lovell NFP. Scott A. Maddock v. Emeterio Cortez v. Jose Macias v. Maureen Reel, et al v. Clarian Health Partners, Inc. Corey B. Moore v. Oscar L. Snow v. Antwane Walker v. David J. Gaff v. Wallskog v. Steven R. Wallskog NFP. Keith W. Yoder v. Dejuan D. McIntyre v. William P. Gibson v. Blaze Downey v. Robert Stone v. Frederick Shorts v. Troy J.

Hickman v. Robert Carl Johnson v. Jeremiah W. Jenny W. National Union Fire Insurance Co. Standard Fusee Corp. Carlos DeShawn Pack v. Desmond Davidson v. Joseph D. Blair v. Stefen Rice v. Christopher Yakim v. Troy Riggs v. Truck City of Gary, Inc. Calumet Realty Corp. Christian Hollinsworth v. Eric Tate v. Cassidy Miller v.

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  5. Melisa J. Chenoweth v. Michael D. Chenoweth NFP. Jack Jervis v. Kenneth France v. Adam A. Jenkins v. Anna Mae Hardebeck v. James A. Ivory Johnson v. Estate of Andrea B. Eguia; Graciela Telez v. Esther B. Eguia, et al. Anna C. Finnerty v. Gerald W. Jabbar L. Davis v. Tony Branch v. Vance W. Carter v. Paul Coming to Court When you come to court, you should be aware that weapons and other dangerous implements are forbidden in all courthouses. Second District courts screen all visitors. Bags will be inspected and you will be asked to pass through a metal detector.

    If the detector goes off, security may use a hand-wand to search for metal. Parking options downtown City of St. Paul website Camera Use. Public access terminals are available in our office to access and view cases and documents. Documents are currently only available for viewing at courthouse terminals. Some cases may only be accessed in a courthouse. Older case records may not be available online, these may only be accessed and viewed in our office. To request copies you may mail in your request, phone in your request or make your request in person at our office.

    Payment of any copy fees is required before we can provide copies. Please see the Court Fees page for the current copy fees. Contact our office with any questions regarding access. This office can only certify documents from Ramsey County District Court cases. If your document was filed in another county, please contact that court location for assistance. The electronic seal is to be treated the same as would the impression of a court seal on a printed document. Please indicate the court file number and specific document s in the email request. For assistance with the records preserved in the State Archives, researchers may contact Library staff at or by email.

    Please note that records may be retained longer than the retention period, and some files may have been destroyed per state retention schedules. Contact our office regarding the retention of a particular file. Some cases may have electronic records remaining, but paper documents may have been destroyed. Transcripts If a transcript has already been produced and filed, a copy can be obtained from District Court Records by paying the copy fee.

    Ramsey County Judicial Officers. Phone Mailing Addresses To contact the Court, it is advised that you call one of the numbers listed below. You may e-mail a question using the Ramsey County District Court Contact Form , but bear in mind that much Court business is time-sensitive, and that submitting an e-mail does not constitute permission to miss a scheduled court appearance, filing deadline, or any other obligation you may have involving a specific case.

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